Please don’t struggle alone

I am deeply concerned, saddened and angered by what I am hearing from both my existing clients and an increasing number of new clients who are contacting me, in desperation, for the first time.

They are telling me that there is simply no help out there to help them with their mental health, even when they feel in crisis.

I am hearing from clients who, in a suicidal state, have attempted to contact mental health crisis lines multiple times and the phone has remained unanswered.

I am hearing from people who have been on waiting lists for 12-18 months and still have no idea of when they will receive help to alleviate their deep emotional suffering.

I am hearing from people who are telling me that after finding the courage to reach out to their GP, they are told that their suffering isn’t acute or severe enough to be offered NHS help.

I am hearing from people who simply don’t know where to turn.

As a one person counselling service, I often feel powerless…I am simply unable to offer a crisis service, not just because I am one counsellor working solo, but because I am often unavailable at short notice because I am working with my clients.

I feel it is morally wrong that people struggling with their mental health are being pushed increasingly into the private counselling sector. Counsellors are expensive and beyond the financial reach of many.

I am angry that I am powerless to change the mental health system that is crumbling before our eyes.

Despite all of this, I do believe in the power of a small number of counselling sessions to help bring people back from the edge of mental distress and despair.

Counselling can be a life raft.

Just 2-3 sessions can often be enough to ground a mind that feels out of control and to help you learn to tolerate your emotional distress.

Emotional first aid techniques can offer immediate and practical relief and comfort – and just enough head space to feel that things might just be manageable again.

There is never a magic wand in any counselling – but it can offer an anchor and an umbrella in the storm – and that might just be enough to set you back on the road again with increased hope.

I regularly work with clients who simply want to have some practical tools to manage anxiety and emotional distress, and often have enough to feel different after a small handful of sessions.

Please don’t struggle alone – counselling could be the life raft you need.

If you would like an introductory chat, then please contact me.


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