Did you say the ‘misery’ of Christmas??!!

The misery of Christmas is on its way. Whoops! Did I say misery?? Isn’t Christmas about sparkly lights, smiling faces, bringing joy, happiness and community spirit? Misery? Really??

Yes, Christmas can be about all these wonderful things. It can be the happiest time of year, rekindling cherished childhood memories of a time that creates joy in abundance, bringing relatives together who get on well, rejoice in each other’s company, regaling each other with happy memories of the past.

But for many of us it can be a really painful time. It can be the time of year when we step back and wonder how our lives ended up here – the people we have lost, the life we could have had, the person we might have been. The slow time between Christmas and New Year can be a particularly difficult time – where the hullabub of life dies down and there is nothing to distract us from our struggles and suffering.

Let’s face it head on. Despite what the marketing bods like to tell us, Christmas and New Year can be a really tough and potentially depressing time. If not for you, then you probably know someone who is in a tough spot at Christmas.

The good news is that this time of year is also an amazing time to heal. To take a courageous look at where you are, where you’ve been, where you might have liked to be. To take all those things ‘out of the cupboard’, take a good clear look at them and tidy them up. You can’t simply get rid of them – but tidying them up and sorting them out can be a turning point in your life. Doing this means that your future Christmases bring less misery and more peace and joy.

Christmas and New Year can be a really powerful time to have counselling and make a commitment to a better life that brings you more fulfilment. For an initial chat about how counselling can help, please contact me.

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