Many of my clients are men. Research suggests that only one man in ten has a male friend with whom he discusses work, money, relationships; and only one in twenty has a friendship where he discloses deeper feelings about himself. Most men have many 'friends' each of whom knows something of their 'public' self and therefore a little about him, but no one friend who knows more than a small piece of the whole.

Conforming to society's typical male stereotypes, including the need for emotional control, can have a limiting and even damaging effect on our men. This can adversely affect relationships and general satisfaction and happiness with life, often showing itself as an ongoing low-grade depression.

As media attention increases on the importance of mental fitness for men, more and more men are seeking professional counselling support for a variety of issues such as:

Relationship issues

Anger management

Addictive / compulsive behaviour: alcohol, porn, gambling, shopping etc

Burnout or frustration at work


Suicidal thoughts

I offer you confidential professional support to get you through life’s tough spots. You will receive consultations focused on practical solutions that help you take control and get your stuff sorted. We will work together to find different ways of looking at situations and how to more effectively manage your relationships.

Professional offices in a business setting.

Easy free parking.

Brief or longer counselling available – you are in control.

Sessions to suit your schedule.

Usually no waiting list for an initial consultation

If you're struggling with a difficult spot in your life just now, or have a problem that has been bothering you for a while and you feel you could do with an independent, compassionate and professional eye, then I would love to hear from you. You can find my contact details here.