Anxiety counselling in Stafford can help if you are struggling with your anxiety. It is human to feel anxious - it's partly a survival mechanism that can help us stay safe from danger. Suffering with anxiety is not a weakness or a moral failing - it is purely a response to stress. And life is stressful.

Too much anxiety can create real problems in your life. Are you worried that your anxiety is no longer manageable? Or is someone close to you worried? You are not alone.  And you have already taken your first step towards change by finding out more about anxiety counselling in Stafford.

Generalised anxiety is extremely common - and drains your energy, focus and motivation. You may or may not have panic attacks and phobias, but you may feel overtaken by a sense of fear or impending doom. You will feel unable to help yourself or face things calmly.

You may be experiencing a range of anxiety symptoms such as:

feeling agitated

quick to anger or irritation

unable to relax

unable to concentrate

mind blanks out

worrying continually

feeling depressed

You may also have physical symptoms such as:

quick, shallow breathing

muscle tension

trouble sleeping

constant tiredness or fatigue

dry mouth



acid indigestion / nausea / stomach upsets


I can offer you anxiety counselling and psychotherapy in Stafford that can help you understand and overcome your anxiety.

My anxiety counselling service in Stafford uses evidence based, modern counselling techniques to help you move forwards. Call me today on 07957 234 950 – I really look forward to working with you.