Alcohol counselling in Stafford can help if you are struggling with your drinking. Are you worried that you are no longer totally in control of your drinking?  Or is someone close to you worried? You are not alone.  And you have already taken your first step towards change by finding out more about alcohol counselling in Stafford.

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your drinking, or when you can have your next drink? Have you tried to change or quit alcohol but had limited or no success?

You may have already spent a lot of time Googling whether you have a drinking problem - and this itself is a clear indicator that you don't feel comfortable with your behaviour.

But you may not be entirely sure you actually have a problem with drinking alcohol. Answering the following questions can help you decide:

Do you spend a lot of time drinking or thinking about drinking? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about it and how to plan it into your life as well as actually doing it?

Do you often overdo the alcohol without realising or meaning to?

Do you need to drink more these days to feel satisfied?

If you don’t drink do you dwell on it, get preoccupied with it or get withdrawal symptoms?

Have you made at least a few attempts to reduce your alcohol or to quit drinking?

When you do this activity, do other areas of your life suffer, such as your health, job, relationships, family and social commitments?

Is there a little voice in your heart or head niggling at you that something isn't right?

I can provide you with alcohol counselling and psychotherapy in Stafford that can help you understand your attachment to drinking alcohol – and effectively and successfully change it.

I will work with you to understand how your relationship to alcohol started and came to be what it is today – and why you ‘need’ it in your life at the moment. You will discover which of your emotional needs aren’t being met and we will work together to help you create changes in your life and how you think that will make your reliance on alcohol unnecessary.

My alcohol counselling service in Stafford uses evidence based, modern counselling techniques to help you change your habits for good. Call me today on 07957 234 950 – I really look forward to working with you.