Your visit here today probably means that you or someone close to you is struggling in some way. It also means you have the courage and determination to seek a solution to that struggle. You have come to a good place to start your journey - welcome to On With My Life Counselling and Therapy.


You may be here in your struggle with anxiety or depression. Or you may be looking to address major life changes like the death of someone close to you, separation or divorce, parenthood, kids leaving home, retirement or redundancy. You may be struggling with experiences, trauma or relationships that took place many years ago. Or you may have reached a place in your life where you need to make a difficult choice or wish to reach a specific goal. On With My Life counselling and therapy is here to help you.

I offer you a therapeutic space where you can take a breath, settle for a while and have room to discuss the things most important to you in a supportive, non-judgmental, understanding and sensitive therapeutic relationship.

On with your life

People often seek counselling because they are 'stuck' in some way. You may be experiencing an external situation that seems unchangeable or unmanageable - examples could be a bereavement, caring for frail elderly parents, or ongoing financial hardship.  Or perhaps you are struggling in relationships with your partner, children or colleagues which are causing you distress and not getting any better whatever you do. Ot perhaps you're seemingly forever bored or lonely.

Or you may be struggling to process a painful life experience, either recently or long in the past? Something you may not be able to stop thinking about however hard you try to move on.

Whatever your 'stuckness' we can work together to help you make your current situation more workable and your future more hopeful - and to help you get on with your life.

A welcoming central Stafford location

My Stafford office is located 15 minutes walking distance from the town centre.  There is easy on-street free car parking are and the building has full disabled access and toilet facilities.  My therapy room is just a couple of minutes from a bus stop (Greyfriars) which is on the main route for buses arriving from the north and south of Stafford as well as Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent


Julie was excellent to work with. She made me focus on specific areas for reflection and strategies. 

Thank you - I am coping better each day with your help and support.

After working with Julie I have an increased awareness of my self perceptions and how to change this. I have learned how to care for myself.

Julie was simply a great help!

Julie has helped me through an extremely difficult time - I could not have done it on my own.

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