Are you worried that you are no longer totally in control of some of your behaviour? It might be drinking, gambling, sex, eating, gaming, drugs, work. Or is someone close to you worried? You are not alone.  And you have already taken  your first step towards change by visiting here today.  Welcome to On With My Life Counselling and Psychotherapy.


Any pleasurable behaviour can become addictive if it is done compulsively  - if you simply can't resist doing it. It can be shopping, cleaning, alcohol, drugs, smoking, exercise, gambling or a combination of such behaviours. You may be finding that your behaviour is creating issues with your health, relationships, work, finances or social life. You may not think of yourself as having an addiction - you may call it a bit of fun, a distraction, a craving, or a compulsion. The label doesn't really matter - but if you are not comfortable with your behaviour, or if you or those close to you have concerns about it, then you know in your heart that you need to make some changes. On With My Life counselling and therapy can help you create positive change and take back control.

I will take as few sessions as possible to help you understand your addiction and overcome it. I can help you think about your problems in a new way and offer you a range of techniques to make you feel better after every consultation. If your addiction is driven or accompanied by anxiety or depression, I can help you understand and overcome this by providing you with practical strategies you can start using immediately.

How can you tell if you have a problem? 

You may have already spent a lot of time Googling whether you have a problem - and this itself is a clear indicator that you don't feel comfortable with your behaviour.

In essence, if you regularly and habitually indulge in any substance, activity or practice that you feel is beyond your control and affects your life for the worse, then it is likely you have an addiction.

Good questions to ask yourself are: Do I spend a lot of time on my problem activity? Do I spend a lot of time thinking about it and how to plan it into my life as well as actually doing it? Do I often overdo it, without realising or meaning to? Do I need to do this activity more and more to feel satisfied? If I don't do this activity, do I dwell on it, get preoccupied with it or get withdrawal symptoms? Have I stopped one activity and replaced it with another? Have I made at least a few attempts to quit? When I do this activity, do other areas of my life suffer, such as my health, job, relationships, family and social commitments? Is there a little voice in my heart or head niggling at me that something isn't right?


On with your life

We are all so vulnerable to addiction because it actually arises from behaviour that is totally natural and desirable, indeed crucial to our survival and continuing evolution. There is no shame in addiction. However, addiciton and compulsive behaviour keeps you 'stuck' and stops you from making the most of your life, your relationships and your potential. It may seem unchangeable or unmanageable - you may have tried many times to cut down or stop. Or you may have successfully stopped one behaviour only to find yourself become addicted to something else.

You may know exactly when your addiction took root - it may have been when you were struggling to process a painful life experience, either recently or long in the past - something you may not be able to stop thinking about however hard you try to move on. You may have experienced abuse or trauma as a child or adult, or be struggling with a recent or long past bereavement.

Or your addiction may simply have crept up on you, starting off as a helpful behaviour, for example to combat boredom or loneliness, or help you fit in socially.

However you have arrived here today, we can work together to help you overcome your addiction - and to help you get on with your life.

A welcoming central Stafford location

My Stafford office is located 15 minutes walking distance from the town centre.  There is easy on-street free car parking are and the building has full disabled access and toilet facilities.  My therapy room is just a couple of minutes from a bus stop (Greyfriars) which is on the main route for buses arriving from the north and south of Stafford as well as Newcastle under Lyme and Stoke on Trent


Julie was excellent to work with. She made me focus on specific areas for reflection and strategies. 

Thank you - I am coping better each day with your help and support.

After working with Julie I have an increased awareness of my self perceptions and how to change this. I have learned how to care for myself.

Julie was simply a great help!

Julie has helped me through an extremely difficult time - I could not have done it on my own.

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