Are you struggling with your life just now?
Are you encountering difficulties such as:
Anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, stress, lack of self-esteem or loss of confidence or hope?
Would it help to be listened to with understanding, compassion and without judgement?


Are you struggling emotionally just now?
Would it help to be listened to with understanding, compassion and without judgement?

Please note
I will be accepting new clients from September 2021 and hope to be able to offer face-to-face counselling at my Stone office in addition to telephone and video counselling.

Evidence shows that 80% of clients are better off after therapy (Therapy Today Nov 2014)

Modern life is busy and stressful. Often we tell ourselves to just get on with it or 'suck it up'. Anxiety, bereavement, stress and depression are real and can rarely just be 'sucked up'.


Our life rarely goes the way we plan it - it can deal painful blows that are unfair and unavoidable. The result can be stress, anxiety, bereavement, anger, illness and depression. The good news is that even if our life isn't like we would want, we can still work to create a fulfilling life with meaning and hope. I will take as few sessions as possible to help you understand your current problem or unhappiness. I can help you think about your problems in a new way and offer you a range of techniques to make you feel better after every session.

You will be made to feel welcome and respected. I will be warm and have a genuine interest in getting to know you.  I will take you seriously, and respond sensitively.

If you are currently in crisis, self-harming or feeling suicidal and need help right now, then please see immediate sources of support here.

Areas I work with:

Alcohol abuse



Childhood abuse

Anger managment


Fertility issues

Childhood issues



Infidelity & affairs

Low mood


Work stress



Health issues



Low confidence

Low self-esteem


Social anxiety

Miscarriage / stillbirth

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On with your life

Together we'll clearly work out where you are right now in your life and where you'd like to be. We'll get you back in the driving seat of your life, and untangle ways of thinking and behaving that may be bogging you down and holding you back. You may wish to try one session of counselling and then make your mind up - and if so, I would love to hear from you.


Julie was really helpful when talking to her about any feelings I had. She took it the next step by actually taking the time to look into things I had mentioned which could later be discussed in sessions. She's a credit to her work and would recommend anyone who's perhaps looking on here for counselling to take the push and reach out to her

Throughout my sessions I was able to make sense of certain thoughts and was taught how to help control other thoughts that were just not helpful to me. Over my time working with Julie I have learnt a lot about myself and why I think or behave in a certain way. I’m very grateful for how Julie has helped me move forward with my life and understand my depression

Thank you - I am coping better each day with your help and support.

Julie was excellent to work with. She made me focus on specific areas for reflection and strategies.

After working with Julie I have an increased awareness of my self perceptions and how to change this. I have learned how to care for myself.

Julie was simply a great help!

Julie has helped me through an extremely difficult time - I could not have done it on my own.

From the start I found Julie very understanding of my situation and was able to see things from my point of view. I cannot tell you how refreshing that was for me. 

I am now a better person and have the tools for dealing with the situations I was finding myself in thanks to the sessions with Julie, I would strongly recommend Julie’s services

I would definitely recommend you.

I found our sessions incredibly helpful and I seem to be managing much better. 

Although we only had one session you really helped me to understand why I used to drink so much and I'm grateful for that.

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